Anonymous said:
the same subtitles anon, since you download the episodes subtitled, how do you get rid of the subtitles?

hey again! In order to get rid of the subs, you require a player, (like QuickTime/Windows media player etc) I recommend you download KM Player, it’s free to download and very easy to use. ( i suggest u download the older versions of KM player ‘cause the newer ones aren’t good and it’s just confusing )

first you play the video using Km player then there should be a ‘capture’ option, a window should pop up, one of the settings says “keep only video image” or “no subtitles” and u check that off :)

I’ll do the best to answer all Asks, i just have a lot and cant reply to all of them at once without spamming the dashboard,so I’ll answer them periodically. don’t worry, if you sent a message, I will get back to you