hey! I just was wondering would you mind if I used some of your screen caps in future edits? I just wanted to ask and get your permission!

Sure thing, I don’t mind at all, only thing I ask is 4 a little credit :)

Anonymous said:
Do you dowload Naruto Shippuden raw?

no, i download Naruto Shippuden with the subtitles and everything attached, but it’s in soft subs, it gives u the option to remove the subtitles!

spacejham said:
Can you post some cool, Pre Time Skip Naruto, and Some Rocklee pics. Or just anything you might have found funny. You think i can torrent the First half of Naruto? (Before Shippuden?)

Very sorry for the late reply

& Sure thing, I’ve added those requests to the queue, :) And I’m not sure where to torrent pre shippuden episodes of naruto because they took down site that i used before 

 I’m really sorry. If i can’t download the eps, I usually go on Google images and find pics from there :x  hope this helps!

Anonymous said:
How the hell have I just found your blog. It's awesome!!! Love naruto. Fave manga/anime

Thank you so much, I’m glad you found it :-) & Yes, it definitely is the best!

I love your tumblr!

Thank you! ^_^

sexgetsu said:
Oh my god I love how you put the episode number in the tags god bless you <3

You’re welcome! :)

I want to apologize for my lack of updates. My computer is broken so thats why i haven’t posted any caps. I’m going to get it repaired, that and I’m petty preoccupied with irl stuff, but I will be back to updating soon, thanks for being patient :)